About Haifa Hotels

Picture your dream vacation: starting your day on a white sandy beach with a cocktail in hand, followed by a luxurious spa treatment by the pool, a great meal in a gourmet restaurant, an afternoon swim or a walk in the woods, dancing at night  or perhaps listening to a concert. This isn’t the Caribbean, it’s not a dream… take a break in the Emerald City!

Haifa is often referred to as the “green city” in Israel. Nestled in lush evergreen groves on Mount Carmel and spreading all the way down to the Mediterranean, Haifa is a city that has it all. From mountain views and nature reserves, through urban chic to white sandy beaches.

When it comes to Haifa, the possibilities are endless!

When planning where you stay from the multitude of Haifa hotels, you can find something for any budget or taste. Haifa hotels ranging from high-end luxury boutique and spa hotels, through five stars hotels, mid-range family friendly hotels and all the way to youth hostels and holiday apartments for rent. You can also find any of these in any setting you prefer: close to the sea or even on the beach, on the mountain or inside a nature reserve or in the heart of the city.

Some of Haifa hotels are located in restored historic buildings from the Templar era or from the Ottoman regime era. Imagine staying in a room with thick stone walls and feeling like you’ve been thrown back in time to a medieval castle or in a building, that looks like it was taken straight out of a thousand nights fairy tale.

If it’s the modern look you prefer, you have plenty of hotels to choose from as well, when you come to Haifa. With that said, Haifa has so much more to offer than just hotels of course.

  • A great collection of gourmet restaurants as well as authentic traditional food
  • Interesting and rich multicultural atmosphere
  • Mixed religions (leaving peacefully together)
  • International events such as the film festival in the autumn
  • Flower expo in the spring
  • Hi-tech and business hubs
  • Zoo and much more

If it’s not a city break you’re looking for but a base-camp to set out from, Haifa is perfectly located and connected to the north of Israel as well as to the center, making it perfect for “star” itineraries covering many attractions and areas, while returning to the comfort of your Haifa based hotel every evening.

Learn about attractions and about the history of Haifa and plan your itinerary for an unforgettable vacation in the Emerald city of Israel (Wizards, lions, tin men and scarecrows are not included). If you are ready for your vacation, you can start by booking hotel in Haifa.

Orange umbrella in the middle of a street in Haifa

Having spent years in Haifa city and witnessing the masses of tourists arriving throughout the year and regardless of season, we decided to add a personal touch, in true Haifa style. We often find ourselves spending hours on Google or Booking, looking for information about places we plan to visit.

Finding a hotel in Haifa may seem easy with the abundance of apps and websites, but how many times do you find yourself looking at professional photos of a room, that looks like it was taken straight out of a magazine and wondering, if it will really look like this when you’ll arrive? How many times have you booked a hotel that seemed amazing, only to find out it was smack on a busy noisy road?

When you plan your vacation, you want to be able to get to know the place you’re going to and about the hotel you are going to book. If you’re anything like us, you also like to plan your itinerary and not just book your hotel well in advance, including making a list of where to eat, where to shop etc. This website is more than just another collection of Haifa Hotels List. It is a collection of the best Haifa hotels and their exact location.

We’re doing our best to keep the site updated and give you the real added value you need to plan your perfect vacation in Israel.